We’ve put some of our most popular STEAMboat Studio lessons and activities on video so you can learn, explore, and create at home! Each 10-minute video includes a short science lesson, followed by instructions for fun, hands-on activities designed to clearly illustrate concepts while encouraging students to explore and learn more. A printable lesson outline for parents and home educators is provided with each video, including science background information, student vocabulary, supply lists and written instructions for each activity shown in the video.


Super Slimy Science

Age ranch: 7-12 yrs

The appeal of Slime is universal. For this reason, we offer Slime Time, a fun, sticky-fingered, messy course that demonstrates real chemical reactions and evolving states of matter through, yep, the creation of slime. In each class we’ll make three kinds to be sent home in carefully sealed plastic containers. Examples of past Slime include: fluffy, butter, snow, glass, mermaid, birthday cake, and galaxy. What could be next?

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Engineering Challenge

Age ranch: 6-12 yrs

In this course, we learn about the science behind simple machines, circuits, magnets, and more as we build, tinker and create. Everyday materials such as straws, balloons, paperclips and tape find new uses and take new forms as students open their minds to new possibilities. Students will find themselves thinking like an engineer, learning the valuable lifelong skill of problem-solving to make improvements on their creations. Make room on your shelf–every creation goes home with its inventor at the end of class!

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Getting Started with Scratch

Age ranch: 7-12 yrs

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