About Kathy Gendreau

Kathy Gendreau is a passionate STEAM educator and author, as well as the founder of STEAMboat Studio, dedicated to bringing engaging, hands-on learning experiences to kids of all ages.


Meet Kathy Gendreau.

Kathy Gendreau is an author, a visionary educator, and a believer in the potential of all children. When Kathy founded STEAMboat Studio in 2014, she built a haven of creativity, curiosity, and endless possibilities for students of all ages and abilities.

With a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and over two decades of experience working with children and teens, Kathy is on a mission to foster a lifelong love of learning in her students and readers.

When she's not inspiring the next generation of innovators, you'll find Kathy behind her camera lens, capturing the beauty of the world around her as she explores the local trails with her husband.

Science Magic Tricks For Kids

As an author, Kathy’s purpose is to ignite the spark of curiosity and wonder in young minds. Her educational book unlocks the world of science and exploration, encouraging children to engage with the world in fun and exciting ways.

Science Magic Tricks for Kids blends science experiments with dazzling magic tricks to give children ages 8-12 an enriching and thrilling introduction to key science principles.

Now Available in Two Winning Options


Book & Activity Kit

To help you get started, we’ve included some items in our accompanying activity kit that you may not have lying around your house. The kit includes a slinky, golf ball, ping pong ball, magic sand, and safety glasses.

Surprise your young scientist with this educational bundle designed to unlock curiosity about the world and engage developing minds through playful learning. Purchase now to ignite your child’s curiosity!


Book Only

Bring the wonder of science experiments to the children in your life. Using everyday household items, kids will love unraveling the science secrets behind floating objects, chemical reactions, optical illusions, and more jaw-dropping demonstrations.

This book is an exciting adventure for kids, helping them understand scientific concepts while having fun with captivating tricks and experiments. Get fast delivery on Amazon!

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Fun Science Experiments For Kids

With easy-to-follow instructions and stunning photos, Science Magic Tricks for Kids guides budding scientists and magicians through 50 mesmerizing tricks using common household items.


Levitating Objects

Explore the wonders of air pressure and buoyancy with objects that seem to defy gravity!


Invisible Forces

Be amazed by the hidden forces that govern our world and perform mind-bending tricks.


Chemical Reactions

Discover the fascinating world of chemical reactions through safe and captivating experiments.


Optical Illusions

Understand the magic behind optical illusions and create your own visual stunts.

Join Us At STEAMboat Studio

Kathy has an undeniable talent for making STEAM learning fun, accessible, and unforgettable. Her passion for igniting that spark of curiosity in young minds is evident across the experiments, classes, and projects she leads.

At STEAMboat Studio, Kathy and her dedicated team of educators share a commitment to fostering a love for learning. Together, they inspire young minds through engaging STEAM classes, exciting day camps, and interactive workshops.

It's all about kindling children's imaginations and nurturing their lifelong passion for the wonders of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.


Fostering Curiosity Through Exploration

Whether educating students or guiding them through experiments and challenges, Kathy Gendreau's creative approach invites children to create, learn, and, most importantly, have fun.

Ultimately, Kathy’s work plants seeds of inspiration that evolve into a lifelong interest in STEAM learning. By making experiments enjoyable early on, children develop a positive association with these fields and are more inclined to pursue them later academically and professionally.

This cultivates future innovators capable of advancing solutions that propel society forward. What could be more gratifying than sparking curiosity and wonder that shapes the innovators of tomorrow?

What People Say

Brought this as a Christmas gift for my nephew! I know he will enjoy learning about science in a fun way! This is just the type of tool needed to inspire the next generation of learners to explore the possibilities! Exposure to science is the key to building a strong science community!

Connie M.

I love how the author tells what each discipline of science each trick uses, biology, chemistry, physics, etc. The explanation of the science behind the magic trick is written so well. I wish there was a book like this when I was a kid. Maybe I would have liked science!

Kristin O.

Huge book! So many things we can try out. The kids love doing fun experiments and this is the perfect book to not only help me have fun with the kids but they learn a ton too! Has lots of great photos too.


Bought this for my grandson! It is SO much fun and easy enough to follow. Great find and a must have for kids 8 and up (I'm over 12 and I love it!). Great way to have quality family time without screens....

Laura P.