Saturday STEAM -- Outside! (Ages 8+)

Keith Peck
Lake Wilderness Arboretum (location map)
Saturday, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
09/19/20 - 10/24/20 (6 weeks)


Join us at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum for a fun class that combines art, science, and exploring the outdoors! Sign up for all 6 weeks, or choose the Drop-in options to sign up for a single class!

Sept 26: Compasses and Magnetism: Explore magnetic fields and their effects, learn how a compass works with some hands-on projects, then use a real compass to find points on the Lake Wilderness compass course. We'll finish off with some more fun magnet activities, including making magnetic slime!

Oct 3: In the Spin of Things: What do spin art, a spinning top, and frisbee golf have in common? They all involve things that spin! Learn about centripetal force and rotational inertia, try out some different frisbee types on the frisbee golf course, and even make a spin art machine to take home! 

Oct 10: Stomp Rockets and Projectile Motion: Learn about projectile motion with some hands-on activities, then make your own stomp rocket and launcher and do some testing to see how different factors like weight and drag affect your projectile rocket.

Oct 17: The Scale of the Solar System: Explore the distance between the planets with your own two feet! We'll lay out a HUGE scale model of the solar system and walk between the planets to see how close -- or far apart -- they really are. We'll then compare the size of the planets and make some planetary art to take home. 

Oct 24: Colors in Nature: Explore different types of pigments -- from minerals to vegetables -- and make your own paints and dyes. Use real mineral pigments like ochre and umber to mix different paint colors to paint with, and smash up some edible items to make more vibrant colors. Create paintings on paper and canvas using your natural paints, and even try dyeing pieces of fabric with natural dyes. Dress for a mess and have fun making art from the colors in nature!


COVID-19 Policy: Cloth face coverings are required for all in-person camps, both indoor and outdoor, and 6-foot social distancing will be maintained in compliance with State requirements.

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