Color and Light: The Science of Optics

Kathy Gendreau
STEAMboat Studio (location map)
Thursday, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
10/01/20 - 10/22/20 (4 weeks)


Explore light and color and how our eyes see and perceive it. Learn how Sir Isaac Newton developed the color wheel, and make a modern color wheel of your own to find out why your printer ink isn't red, yellow, and blue. Play with colored lights and their colored shadows, and make color mixing spinners. Learn how our eyes and our brain make watching movies possible, and make your own moving picture machine. Finally, explore reflection and lenses and make a kaleidoscope and simple telescope.

COVID-19 Policy: Cloth face coverings are required for all in-person camps, both indoor and outdoor, and 6-foot social distancing will be maintained in compliance with State requirements.

Upcoming Meetings
10/01/20    4:00 PM Thursday 10/01/20 4:00 PM
10/08/20    4:00 PM Thursday 10/08/20 4:00 PM
10/15/20    4:00 PM Thursday 10/15/20 4:00 PM
10/22/20    4:00 PM Thursday 10/22/20 4:00 PM