STEAM@Home Summer Fun

Kathy Gendreau
Video Class (location info)
Mon - Sun, Anytime
06/29/20 - 08/09/20 (6 weeks)


Join us for a summer full of fun and educational activities that you can do on your own schedule! Registration includes video and all supplies for the following activites:

Stomp Rockets: Learn about thrust and projectile motion and make your own stomp rocket and launcher

Giant Bubbles: Explore surface tension and how soap interacts with water through a variety of activities. Then, make a giant bubble wand to create giant bubbles with our giant bubble solution (included)!

Spin Art - Explore rotational inertia and build a spin art machine to make your own spin art! 

UV Light -- with slime! Explore UV light through a variety of activities, including sun paper, UV beads, and UV slime!

Bath Bomb Chemistry - Explore acid-base reactions and learn the science of bath bombs while making a fizzing bath bomb of your own!

Hydraulic Machines - Learn how hydraulics work and make your own hydraulic machine!

Upcoming Meetings
07/14/20    Anytime Tuesday 07/14/20 Anytime
07/15/20    Anytime Wednesday 07/15/20 Anytime
07/16/20    Anytime Thursday 07/16/20 Anytime
07/17/20    Anytime Friday 07/17/20 Anytime
07/18/20    Anytime Saturday 07/18/20 Anytime
07/19/20    Anytime Sunday 07/19/20 Anytime
07/20/20    Anytime Monday 07/20/20 Anytime
07/21/20    Anytime Tuesday 07/21/20 Anytime
07/22/20    Anytime Wednesday 07/22/20 Anytime
07/23/20    Anytime Thursday 07/23/20 Anytime
07/24/20    Anytime Friday 07/24/20 Anytime
07/25/20    Anytime Saturday 07/25/20 Anytime
07/26/20    Anytime Sunday 07/26/20 Anytime
07/27/20    Anytime Monday 07/27/20 Anytime
07/28/20    Anytime Tuesday 07/28/20 Anytime
07/29/20    Anytime Wednesday 07/29/20 Anytime
07/30/20    Anytime Thursday 07/30/20 Anytime
07/31/20    Anytime Friday 07/31/20 Anytime
08/01/20    Anytime Saturday 08/01/20 Anytime
08/02/20    Anytime Sunday 08/02/20 Anytime