Unit 2: Meteorology: Rain or Shine?

Casey Vreeken
STEAMboat Studio (location map)
Thursday, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
10/31/19 - 12/12/19 (6 weeks)


STEAMboat Studio’s STEAM Academy program is an educational approach to learning using Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end result is students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. Our hands-on approach allows students to explore a variety of science and technology concepts through innovative projects, experiments, and activities designed to excite and engage students and encourage further exploration at home.

We're excited to be offering a new STEAM Academy class this year for ages 5-7. In this one hour class, students will explore the same topics as in our other STEAM Academy classes, with age-appropriate lessons and hands-on projects that are just right for our younger students. Older students who are not ready for the 8-11 year old class may enroll at parents' discretion.

2019-20 Units are as follows:

Unit 1: Astronomy: Space Explorers 
During the six weeks of this unit we will explore astronomy topics starting with our own planet, then expanding to include the moon, our solar system, and beyond. Topics include reasons for the seasons, solar and lunar eclipses, types of objects in our solar system, and constellations.
Unit 2: Meteorology: Rain or Shine? The Science of Climate & Weather Prediction
In this 6-week course we'll explore the tools used by meteorologists to collect weather data, and students will make some tools of their own to use at home. Other topics include cloud types and how they connect to types of weather, the greenhouse effect, climate zones, and severe weather prediction.
Unit 3: Earth, Wind, Fire, & Flood: Examining Natural Disasters
Join us for 6 weeks of exploring all kinds of natural disasters! We will examine the science behind the prediction, causes, and the aftermath of a variety of disasters, including geologic phenomena such as volcanoes and earthquakes, ocean-based events such as tsunamis and hurricanes, and more.
Unit 4: Geology Rocks! The Life & Travels of Rocks
In this 6-week class, students will learn the basics of geology, including what rocks are made of, how they are created by various natural processes, and how to identify samples of different rocks. We'll also explore the processes during the most recent ice age that created the landscape in the Pacific Northwest, and discover how geologists work with engineers to create safer structures.
Unit 5: Plants, Trees, Flowers, & Seeds
In our last unit of the year, we will get outside* to explore the life cycle of plants! Students will dissect seeds and flowers, observe the process of seed germination, learn some plant anatomy, and practice plant identification using leaf types.
*Weather permitting, 3 of these classes will be held off-site at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum.

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