STEAM Academy 2023-2024

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What is STEAM Academy?

STEAM Academy is a hands-on, project-based science program designed for homeschool families and students. Our STEAM-focused classes and curriculum encourage creativity and creative problem-solving through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, developing lifelong learners who investigate, think critically, and explore the world around them.

Each class meets weekly and covers five units of study throughout the school year. Students are grouped by age, and all classes cover the same topics each week at a developmentally appropriate level. We have designed four years of unique curriculum to give students an introduction to all major science disciplines. Students can sign up for multiple years in a row without worrying about repeating the same topics.

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STEAM Academy 2023-2024 

This full year course focusing on earth and space science will include the following subjects:

Rocks and Minerals (Sept 11- Oct 20)

This unit covers the basics of geology, including what rocks are made of, how they are created by various natural processes, and how to identify samples of different rocks. Over the 6 weeks of the class we will also explore the processes during the most recent ice age that created the landscape in the Pacific Northwest, and discover how geologists work with engineers to create safer structures.

Meteorology (Oct 30 – Dec 15)

During the first half of this 6-week unit students will study the tools used by meteorologists and create many of their own. This will be followed by an exploration of cloud types and how they connect to types of weather, the greenhouse effect, climate zones, and predicting severe weather.

Geology (Jan 8 – Feb 16)

Earth has a very long history. During this unit students will learn about how scientists determine just how long ago things happened. We will cover plate tectonics, different types of dating techniques used by geologists, and will finish up the unit by talking about fossils and dinosaurs.

Natural Disasters (Feb 26 – April 5)

Students will spend 6 weeks exploring natural disasters. We will examine the science behind the prediction, causes, and the aftermath of a variety of disasters. This course includes geologic phenomena such as volcanoes and earthquakes, ocean-based events such as tsunamis and hurricanes, and more.

Astronomy (April 15 – May 24)

During the six weeks of this unit we will explore astronomy topics starting with our own planet, then expanding to include the moon, our solar system, and beyond. Topics include reasons for the seasons, solar and lunar eclipses, types of objects in our solar system, and constellations.

Dates, Times, & Ages

Tuesday 9:30-11 am, ages 8-11

Tuesday 12 -2 pm, ages 11-14

Wednesday 9:30-11 am, ages 8-11

Wednesday 11:30 am -12:30 pm, ages 5-8

Wednesday 1-2:30 pm, ages 8-11

Thursday 9:30-11 am, ages 8-11

Thursday 11:30 am -12:30 pm, ages 5-8


Classes for ages 5-8 are 1 hour long, with a full year price of $1296

Classes for ages 8-11 are 1.5 hours long, with a full year price of $1395

Classes for ages 11-14 are 2 hours long, with a full year price of $1495

*Payment plans are available during the registration process*


Registration for 2022/2023 STEAM Academy families will begin on May 1st. New families can register starting May 15th on our website at

For information about registration for families using PEARL or OASIS please email us at or call/text 206-746-7074. 

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