9 Everyday Items For Quick Kid-Friendly STEM Projects To Make At Home

July 8, 2024 |
By: STEAMboat Studio

Summer is the perfect time to engage your kids in fun, kid-friendly STEM projects right at home! You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive kits to spark curiosity and creativity. Here are some everyday household items you can use to create STEM projects at home. 

  1. Cups: Perfect for building structures, launching projects, and measuring experiments.
  2. Rubber Bands: Great for creating tension and movement in various projects
  3. Straws: Useful for constructing models, conducting airflow experiments, and more
  4. Plastic Lids: Ideal for crafting and as bases for building structures
  5. Cardboard: A versatile material for building, designing, and creating
  6. Pencils: Can be used as axles, levers, or for drawing and measuring
  7. Paper Clips: Handy for holding things together or as part of circuits and other experiments
  8. Clothes Pins: Great for gripping, holding, and constructing
  9. Pom Poms: Fun for crafts, counting activities, and soft projectiles.

There are many kid-friendly STEM projects you can make with these items. Try this Cup Launcher:

Let’s dive into a simple yet exciting project you can do with just cups and rubber bands. This Cup Launcher is a fantastic way to explore concepts like energy, force, and motion.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 Plastic Cups
  • 2 Rubber Bands


  1. Wrap Rubber Bands: Take the first cup and wrap two rubber bands over it from top to bottom, creating a crisscross pattern. Ensure the bands are secure but not too tight.
  2. Set Up the Launch: Place the second cup upside down on a flat surface. Position the first cup (with the rubber bands) on top of the second cup.
  3. Launch: Push the first cup down onto the second cup and release. Watch as the first cup launches into the air!
Cup Launcher STEM activity for kids
Cup Launcher STEM activity for kids
kid-friendly STEM projects

This simple activity not only provides endless entertainment but also introduces basic principles of physics. Discuss with your kids how the rubber bands store potential energy when compressed and how it converts to kinetic energy when released, launching the cup into the air.

Experiment with different sizes of cups and the number of rubber bands to see how it affects the launch distance. Encourage your kids to hypothesize and test their ideas, fostering a love for experimentation and discovery.

Using everyday household items, you can create quick, kid-friendly STEM projects in an instant. Activities like the Cup Launcher are not only fun but also educational, helping kids understand fundamental scientific concepts in an engaging way. Happy experimenting!

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