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Jan 27

LEGO Day Science Project

The colorful plastic bricks known as Lego have entertained children (and adults) around the world for nearly 70 years. Lego is used to make toy buildings, vehicles, creatures, machines, anything imaginable — and they can be taken apart and put back together as often as you’d like. That means endless... read more →
Dec 27
Dec 15

STEAM Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect holiday gift? Try one of these inspiring science and art toys! The STEAM Toy List: Prime Climb- Add, subtract, multiply divide and use the color-coded common multiples to build number sense and flexibility for kids of all ages! Hand boilers - Any age with supervision, recommended... read more →
Dec 01

Snowflake Science

Real Snowflake What is a Snowflake?Every snowflake begins as a single, microscopic ice crystal, formed from water vapor high in the atmosphere. When temperatures are below freezing, water molecules collect on tiny particles of dust or pollen, but instead of forming water droplets, the molecules freeze into a solid, arranging... read more →
Nov 23

Thanksgiving Science

Get your whole family involved in the science of your thanksgiving meal! Did you know some of your thanksgiving favorites are made from seeds? Not all seeds are the same. Corn and green beans are examples of two different types of seeds known as monocots and dicots. Corn & Beans... read more →
Oct 13

Candy STEAM Activities

Candy Science:Try these fun experiments at home! We have some spooktacular STEAM Projects for you to try at home! Try Candy Graphing, compare the mass of your Halloween Candy, experiment with Gummy Bear Osmosis, and explore the mouth-puckering Power of Sour! Download the PDF Candy Graphing How many ways can... read more →
Oct 12

How to Make a Homopolar Motor

A simple homopolar motor is a great way to visualize the forces and concepts that make more complex DC #motors work. When connected to a battery, an electric current flows through the wire coil producing a magnetic field. The permanent magnet and the coil repel each other and the coil rotates. The... read more →
Oct 11

Girls’ Generation Robotics Comp!

We are super excited to be a part of Girls’ Generation robotics competition this weekend, October 8-9, 2022 at Tahoma High School. STEAMboat Studio will have a booth at the Community Fair on Saturday 9:30am - 4:30pm and Sunday 9am - 1pm. The Tahoma team BEARMETAL @frc2046 has built an... read more →