We're excited to present our new STEAM@Home Video Program!

We've taken some of our favorite activities from our most popular STEAMboat Studio programs and created fun, high-energy educational videos with activities that will keep your kids engaged and excited about learning! Each 10-minute video includes a short lesson on a different science topic, plus instructions for hands-on activities designed to clearly illustrate the concepts. With each video, we provide a printable lesson outline for parents and home educators, including science background information, student vocabulary, and supply lists and written instructions for each activity shown in the videos.

Lessons and activities are designed to appeal to a wide age range and are suitable for both elementary and middle school students, ages 6-14. Younger students will require additional assistance with activities.


6 Video Lessons:

  • Licensed for home use: $79
  • Licensed for small groups, up to 5 students: $299

Supplies for each 6-week bundle: $149 per student, $99 for each additional student

Video portal will be available September 14th. Supplies (optional) will be available for pick-up at the end of the week.

We are introducing the STEAM@Home program in 6-week bundles, each with different science topics. Our first two bundles are available below:

STEAM@Home Video Bundle A

Bundle A:

Potential and Kinetic Energy: Gravitational Potential Energy Make a marble roller coaster and explore kinetic and potential energy with gravity!

Potential and Kinetic Energy: Elastic Potential Energy Make a pom pom launcher game and explore elastic potential energy and projectile motion

Flowers, Pollinators, and Seeds: Learn about flower and seed parts and their names, dissect and examine a seed up close, and model a flower and pollinator of your own.

Static Electricity Explore static electricity and make your own electroscope to detect static charge

Robotics Make simple robotic arms that mimic human movement, plus a vibrating bot that moves!

Rotational Inertia Explore rotational inertia with CD rollers and spinning tops