Engineering Challenge Resources - Monday 9-13 class

6/1/2020 Gears

Use your motor with gears by attaching the motor adapter.

Using the wheels as a wheel hub

Using compound gears to increase torque





4/20/2020 S5W1 Projectile Motion





4/13/2020 S4W6 Hydroelectric Generator Resources


4/6/2020 S4W5 Cam/Camshaft Resources

How a Car Engine Works (Animation)

What is a Camshaft?


4 Stroke Engine Animation





3/30/2020 S4W4 Flight Activity Resources


Sample Wing Shape Templates


External Resources 

Interactive Airfoil Simulator (FoilSim) (redirects to NASA site)

Parts of an Airplane (redirects to NASA site)

Angle of Attack Simulator (redirects to Smithsonian Site)



Clouds and Vortices