Adult Events

Sip 'n' Science!
02/19/19 - 02/19/19
Class Fee: $ 25.00
Join STEAMboat Studio Owner and Chief Scientist Kathy Gendreau for some hands-on science fun at Lumber House Brewery!
Our Super Science parties and classes have been a huge hit with kids, but why let the kids have all the fun? We're bringing some of our favorite science activities to Lumber House for an interactive evening of science -- just for grown-ups!
For our first Sip 'n' Science event, we'll explore solids, liquids and gases with everything from dry ice to oobleck. You'll even get to make your own slime! This is nothing like the science class you had in school -- no textbooks, no lectures, and no homework -- but the science is the real deal. So bring your friends and get your science on with STEAMboat Studio!

Art Journaling Workshop
03/05/19 - 05/07/19
Class Fee: $ 25.00

First pint beverage included!

An art journal is a visual journal made up of any type of art, from scribbles to collage. The best thing about art journaling is that there is absolutely no experience needed! We like to call it “cut and paste for grown ups.” An art journal is the place to express yourself by playing with paint, magazine cuttings, chalk, pencils and even crayons! Anything goes because it’s about the process-- not the end product.

In this monthly workshop, instructor Tiffany will take you through creating a double page spread step by step. Each class will have a theme that each student can interpret as they wish. We provide all of the materials and each person’s journal pages will be uniquely their own.


March: Love

Layer on the love with this project! Choose a vintage or modern take on hearts with doilies, lace, stamps, paint, chalk, vintage photos and patterned papers.

April: Steampunk
Have fun with Victorian age imagery, gears, clocks, sewing patterns and ink.

May: Galaxy

Will will play with layers and texture to create dreamy scenes with moons, stars, and planets using sheet music, vintage photos, paint and more.