Oct 13

Candy STEAM Activities

Candy Science:
Try these fun experiments at home!

We have some spooktacular STEAM Projects for you to try at home! Try Candy Graphing, compare the mass of your Halloween Candy, experiment with Gummy Bear Osmosis, and explore the mouth-puckering Power of Sour!

Candy Graphing

How many ways can think of to sort your candy? By wrapper color? Chocolate or no chocolate? Like or don’t like?

Sorting candy into piles can be fun, but it can be hard to tell how many pieces are in each pile, especially if you have a lot of candy, or if the piles are close to the same size. Instead of sorting your candy into piles, try lining them up!

Comparing Mass with Candy

In this experiment learn the difference between mass and weight and build a balance scale to compare your candy.

Find two candies that are the same mass but different size, are the same size but different mass, and have the same mass as just one of another kind of candy. Can you make two candies with different masses balance just by changing their position on the ruler?

Gummy Bear Osmosis

In this experiment learn about the power of Osmosis. Just grab some gummy bears, a ruler, a small container of water and some salt and you are ready to get started! You’ll see how water moves through semi-permeable or selectively permeable membranes through the process of osmosis!

The Power of Sour

Have you ever wondered what makes sour candy sour? The source of that mouth-puckering sensation is acid. The most common acid used in sour candies is citric acid, also found in lemons and other citrus fruits. You can easily test your candy to see if an acid is present by dropping it into a baking soda solution. Acids react with baking soda and produce bubbles of carbon dioxide gas. The more acid is present in your candy, or the stronger it is, the more bubbles you will see. Download the PDF for full instructions.