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Join us at the studio and discover the joy of learning in an environment that celebrates curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

STEAM Events

Inspire a passion for science, learning, and creativity at your next event.

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Inclusive, accessible, hands-on STEAM curriculum for all students to thrive.

Why Choose STEAMboat Studio?


Accredited Teachers

Our accredited educators are well-versed in proven, quality educational techniques that engage children the most and foster a lifetime love of learning.


Hands-On Education

Our project-based lessons allow students to engage in interactive experiments and activities, boosting their memory retention and engagement.


Real-World Science Concepts

We make science accessible to all kinds of learners. Our programs are delivered in an inclusive and supportive environment where science isn't scary.

Hands-On Learning With STEAMboat Studio

Research has shown that children learn best in hands-on environments that allow them to explore ideas at their own pace. At STEAMboat Studio in Maple Valley, WA, we offer the exploratory learning students need to develop a love for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) concepts and engage their minds.

Our accredited teachers offer a wide range of STEAM-based programs for ages 3 through 14, including classes, homeschool programs, summer camps, school partnerships, workshops, and more!

Our unique, project-based learning environment combines the classroom with the playground, providing fun, engaging learning opportunities across a range of essential subjects.


STEAM For Families

STEAM Classes

We offer a wide range of stand-alone and ongoing STEAM-based classes, such as Engineering Challenge, Art Explorers, and Storybook Science. Each class provides students with age-appropriate materials and instruction to engage scientific concepts.

Day Camps

Enroll your child in a multiday STEAM camp to grow their love of learning in a supportive environment. Our day camps explore STEAM concepts through exciting experiments, and art projects your child will look forward to all year.

Birthday Parties

Our 2-hour kids' birthday parties combine learning and fun, offering a unique birthday party experience. We'll provide demonstrations and creative activities for the kids and leave time at the end for cake and presents.

Homeschool Programs

Our STEAM Academy program features a four-year curriculum for homeschoolers. We provide age-appropriate instruction on scientific disciplines like Earth and space science, chemistry, physics, life science and engineering, emphasizing hands-on creativity and exploration.


3 Steps to Engaging STEAM Education

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    Step 1: Select Your Student’s Classes

    Have questions before you register your young learner? We’d be delighted to walk through the options with you to help decide which classes will be the best fit. Contact us today!

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    Step 2: Complete Your Registration

    Enroll your child in our upcoming classes through our website, and watch them embark on an exciting journey of STEAM exploration and discovery.

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    Step 3: Receive Hands-On Instruction

    Watch your children engage with scientific concepts in a fun, exciting learning environment. We'll provide all materials needed and take care of the mess.

Discover the Fascinating World of STEAM

At STEAMboat Studio, we believe that science is an exciting and essential part of education. However, traditional education systems often present it as a dull and complicated concept that leaves many kids disengaged and confused.

That's why we're here to improve access to education about STEAM concepts. At STEAMboat Studio, we want to show your children that science is far from boring.

With our engaging programs and exciting curriculum, they'll discover just how fascinating and fun learning about STEAM can be. Enroll your child in our upcoming classes and help them unlock their full potential (while they have a blast!).


What People Say

Lots of great activities. I received emails informing me of what my child learned and what the activities showed them.

Emily V.

Small class size allowed for more interactive discussion on the topic.

Monica A.

The classes are so engaging. I wish I had classes like these available when I was a kid!

Bridget K.

Great hands-on activities made the classes informative and fun!

Brita B.

We Make Learning Fun!

Questions? Call or text STEAMboat Studio at (206) 494-3354 today! Or, register your child for classes that explore fascinating STEAM concepts & ignite a love of learning.