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STEAM Academy Homeschool Curriculum

Our STEAM Academy Homeschool Curriculum was developed at STEAMboat Studio by professional science teachers – the same experienced educators who teach our in-person and remote learning STEAM Academy programs. Each lesson and project in our curriculum has been tested by real students in our programs. STEAM Academy is aligned to national science standards and follows an inquiry-based 5E approach, reflecting best practices in science education.


From the chemistry of slime and the physics of engineering to the neuroscience of optical illusions and the mathematics of coding, we teach real science concepts, challenging curious minds of all ages with our discovery-focused approach that keeps students involved, invested, and learning. Our programs offer a foundation of familiarity that builds confidence and encourages exploration beyond the classroom. Hands-on activities engage even the most reluctant learner, as we draw on students’ natural curiosity and build a lifelong love of learning.


Imagine a place where creativity and fact-based foundations of knowledge play nice together. Where new ideas are encouraged alongside tried-and-true concepts, where unexpected outcomes are honored. There are no failed experiments here, only a-ha moments, giving students the confidence to explore and keep learning. Activities are intentionally designed to pique curiosity, offering a positive environment where students can challenge assumptions and unlock thought processes, building a lifelong skill of innovative problem-solving.


Somewhere between a classroom and a playground, welcome to our corner of the world, where Art joins Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to build some STEAM. Let’s get messy, laugh and discover together. Take a risk, make a mistake, try something new, because the A in STEAM isn’t just about art as a product, it’s about the artistic process that unlocks the imagination and leads to innovation – innovation that is at the heart of art AND science.

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Just some of our happy clients

We took the ispy class and my son loved it; he can't wait to go back. They did a fantastic job providing an activity just right for the age group, plenty of supplies and really worked with each and every student. There was an array of different learners and they knew how to work with and encourage each one.- Chrystal M.
We recently attended an art adventures class for my 5-year-old and she was delighted, we also came for one of the open sessions and had a great time. We are very pleased with our experience and plan on making this a weekly activity.- Wes W.
The Best place to learn, create, and socialize with fellow enthusiasts of science and art! It's what Maple Valley needed for all ages!!! Highly recommended!!! Great and something different for Birthday parties too!!!- Gabrielle M.

What we’re doing to keep you safe during COVID-19

At STEAMboat Studio, we are following best practices to keep you and your student safe during COVID-19 while continuing to offer fun, educational in-person classes.

  • Adhere to state guidelines for masks and social distancing in all classes
  • Daily health screenings for all staff and students
  • Clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces before and after every class

For more information read our
COVID-19 Procedures and Response Plan.